Personal Essay

Subject: Not a specific course but based on personal and psychology program.


An essay describing why the applicant wants to pursue a research-based career in psychology and how the degree will help him/her achieve professional and/or personal goals is required. The essay should include a description of how the applicant plans to use the degree to advance his or her career, the type of research-related profession the applicant plans to enter, the applicant's strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to graduate-level study with an explanation of how the applicant plans to overcome the weaknesses described, and any other qualities which speak to the applicant's interest in and potential to succeed in the Educational Psychology Program.

Need to Know About Me: (Not my name)

I love helping people and I love to learn about psychology.
My weakness: I get distracted easily, I have trouble learning new stuff because English is my second language. Even though I tried as hard as possible I end up failing on tests. I am fluently hispanic. I love working than testing. Tests makes me nervous. I overthink a lot.
My strenght: I get the assignments done on time or before time. I love helping and advising. I do not give up easily no matter how difficult the obstacles that comes my way are. I like to win and succeed not lose. I like to be well organized and get ready for what is next. I won't quite on my dream. I won't let anyone cut my wings to succeed.
My dream: Acchieving my goals.
My goals: Getting my master's degree on the psychology program.

Personal Essay

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