Performance Management

Kindly read the attachment carefully, i also highlight a few important points in the document. Please also note that my part is the conclusion/recommendation.

You may also write it as we are a consultant company is like we are teaching the managment for the best practices, more info below:

Instructions & Guidelines:

Your team was approached by the senior management and the Quality department director to support them in an important organizations strategic goal to prepare for and implement a Performance Management & Measurement system based on good practices from other companies.


One of the most important factors for a successful implementation and effective use of a PM&MS is understanding the purpose, aims and practices of a PM&MS.

Performance Management

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The management is expecting your team to present to them a video presentation, supported by a written document, which will clearly explain, justify using practical and thoughtful examples the purpose, aims and practices of performance management & measurement (system) of a well- established and well-implemented PM&MS. You were asked to present the result of your project within the next 4 weeks.

I also attached a document that has a few links for resources.

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