Peplau, Leininger, And Orlandos Impact On Nursing

Module 4 Assignment


Drop Box Assignment for Module 4 – Part 1

In a single document complete the following:

A.  In one to two pages, discuss how the development of Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations has helped to frame nursing knowledge and influence the practice of nursing. Provide an example that illustrates your thoughts/answer (25%).   

B.  In one to two additional pages, discuss how has the development of Leininger’s theoretical perspective, with its emphasis on culture, has influenced professional nursing practice? Again, provide an example that illustrates your thoughts/answer (20%).

Peplau, Leininger, And Orlandos Impact On Nursing

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C.  Finally, provide a one-page discussion on how Orlando’s nursing process theory is useful in allowing the nurse to meet the standards of care practice requirements for assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation (20%).


D. This assignment should be submitted in APA format (25%). Make certain that your font, margins, running head, references, and page numbers are correct along with the other components of APA formatting. Utilize appropriate headings to delineate your answers.


E. Evidence of proofreading including spelling, grammar, and sentence structure (10%).


F. Submit this assignment to the Module 4 Part 1 drop box by the due date.


G. The above APA assignment should have at least one reference in addition to your textbook that you obtained from the Cornette Library.  Do not utilize web sites as your references.  

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