Peer Review 8 Pm Deadline

It's 6 questions and for every question I need 3 sentences.

comment every essay has to be in separate peer review.

Peer Review Worksheet

Provide feedback for two of your classmates’ essays by answering the questions below with complete sentences and paragraphs of several (3-7) sentences. The more feedback you provide, the more helpful it is. To share this feedback sheet, complete this worksheet, and attach it to the comment box on Canvas where you read your classmates’ essays.

1. Introduction: How does the first paragraph introduce both the paper’s topic and the writer’s approach or general conclusion? Is the first sentence attention getting and relevant to the topic?

2. What can you identify as a thesis statement? Suggest, if possible, a way to improve the introduction or thesis statement.

3. Organization: Is the essay organized well with indented paragraphs and clear topic sentences? Are transitions used?

4. Clarity/Style: Did you find distracting grammar, punctuation, spelling, or word usage problems? Circle them and identify any patterns or themes you detect. Is the tone of the essay formal? If you find awkward sentences, try to explain why they do not make sense to you. Does the essay lack careful editing? Check for Global Errors (serious errors).

5. Outside Sources: Does the author clearly identify his/her sources? Is proper in-text used? Reminder: Is there a Works Cited page formatted correctly on the last page by itself? Have all directions been followed? This essay requires only 1 outside source, which is A Place to Stand by Baca; has this source been effectively used in the essay? Explain. Has MLA been used correctly?

6. What is/are the paper’s greatest strength(s)? Explain.
Any other comments?
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Peer Review 8 Pm Deadline

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