Participation Discussion 8: Contemporary Process


Who will be the Contemporary artists that will end up in the history books 100 years from now? It's hard to say - there are so many successful, groundbreaking, and truly amazing artists working today. One PBS TV series - Art21 - gives us a look into the process and ideas behind many of these artists. 

here is the video ->   (53 min video)

Participation Discussion 8: Contemporary Process

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Watch the video and take notes. Then in the Discussion, let us know what you thought about each of the three artists' work. List each artist and mention what you liked best about their work, what was unexpected about their process, and what was interesting about how they approached the idea of "place" in their work.

I uploaded modules 1-3 for the terms to be used for describing the artwork. The modules 8 is for module reference. 

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