PART 2: The Description

  1. Title Page of the Proposed Project    
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
  4. Innovation Opportunity
  5. Technology Integration
  6. Operational Environment
  7. Why it should be embraced and/or funded    
  8. Summary

The detailed description of your innovation project should provide enough information to propose the project to a client or a source of funding entity.  The technology, operational environment and competitive value of the solutions should be addressed. All of the areas covered in Part 1 should be re-visited in more detail. The idea here is to compel the reader to embrace the solution.

The detailed description should not exceed ten double spaced, pages, using no larger than the Times New Roman, 12-point font. 

Item Description Points
Formatting, editing, organization and structure of the document

Include a title page followed by an introduction, you may use the same introduction that you created for Part 1, or you may update it. 

Address each of the required sections in separately labelled sections of the document. 

PART 2:  The Description

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The document should be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

Sentences and paragraphs should be clear and well organized, as should be the entire document. Reference are encouraged. 

Brief Background of the project idea with a brief description of the business or organization Provide a brief business or organization background consisting of how that business or organization has operated and how your innovative solution will change how it will operate in the future. 15
Description of the of the problem with respect to the opportunity for innovation Describe the innovative idea that will help transform the business or organization to make it more competitive.  25
Description of the of the technology integration components

Describe the technology and/or systems components that are needed to deploy the solution.

You may want to describe business partners that may be needed to complete the solutions. 

Description of the of operational environment of the solution You should describe the infrastructure needed or in place, for example, network partners, delivery mechanisms. and payment methods.  30
Sustainability Describe why the solutions should be embraced and how it may be funded and sustained. 20
Project Summary Provide a summary of the project. 20

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