Nursing- Pharmacology


A 45-year-old maleclient comes to the nurse practitioner (NP) stating he wakes often at nightwith coughing and burning he describes as heartburn. He drinks 1-2 alcoholicbeverages per evening, usually with distilled liquor, and then wine withdinner. He eats heavy dinners with dessert. He prefers mint ice cream andcoffee for dessert. The NP prescribes a regimen with omeprazole (Prilosec)every morning and Maaloz 30 mL qid.

1.  How will you instruct the client about gastroesophageal reflux disease and its relationship to symptoms?

2.  What will you instruct the client about his diet, particularly the evening meal?

3.  How will you instruct the client about his medications?

Nursing- Pharmacology

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1..Your answer to the discussion question should be supported with research, examples or references to the literature, and personal experiences in order to be considered substantive.

2.  All initial postings must be a minimum of 270 words. Postings less than the required minimum will not earn any points.   posting is rich in content full of thought, insight, and analysis.

3.. APA format must be used appropriately, citing a minimum of 3 references . If APA formatting for references is not used correctly, no credit will be earned both in the sections of the grading rubric requiring a minimum number of references and in the APA section. References that are not in APA do not count for any credit. 

4. Correct APA format of in-text citations (within the body of the posting) and references (in the list). Both are required to earn any points.

5.  All references are relevant, scholarly, and less than 10 years old.

6. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics and word usage are correct and consistent with Standard American English.

7.             NO PLAGIARISM

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