Nurse Hero Biography

Select a nurse hero or a nurse who made an impact to nursing and use the following outline to complete a nurse hero biography. Do not use 
Florence Nightingale as she is discussed throughout the semester.

What made you choose this Nurse Hero, explain? 
Early Life
Adult Life
Famous Years
-What made this nurse stand out?
-Important Accomplishments?
-Specialty if any?
-Did they affect people positively or negatively?
How do you relate to this Nurse Hero that was chosen?
Does this Nurse Hero's nursing practice relate to yours?, if not what did you learn from this Nurse Hero that you will implement in your RN BSN Nursing Career?
Summarize your research findings
You must include: Cover page, APA format, 700 word count. Three (3) References. You may add a picture but add your citation (picture doeesnt count in word count or length of pages)

Grading Rubric:
Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.

Nurse Hero Biography

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