Notions Of Freedom & America (3)

Prompt: This essay challenges you to examine the nations of 'Freedom' have functioned in the creation of 'American' identities. In this essay, you will locate a working definition of freedom in the context of U.S. history and the development of 'American' identity. Through a careful examination of three texts, please examine how thinkers have defined the notion of 'Freedom' in relationship to their goals, expectations, desires, and experiences of 'Americanness.' Your essay should attempt to synthesize the three texts. In other words, come to a conclusion that emerges from an interpretation of all three texts; don't simply note three different ways that the texts frame the term. Your thesis should state a claim that you have inferred from your close engagement with the texts about how notions of 'Freedom' have functioned. 550-800 words.

Purpose: This is an argumentative essay, meaning that you should pose, and then support, a clear argumentative claim that answers the prompt. The three course texts will support your claim. This essay does not ask for your personal opinion or outside research.

You will want to consider the following:
  • How have these authors experienced freedom similar or differently?
  • How is the historical context of each of these texts similar or different?
  • Why does this view of freedom matter? What purpose does it serve?
  • What are the stakes of the argument you are making? Why does it matter? (this is important)

The 3 texts are Douglass, Jacobs, & Abigail Adams letter to John Adams. You cannot use outside sources. Per my instructor, you must only use the sources I uploaded and use quotes derived from my sources.

Notions Of Freedom & America (3)

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