Feel free to do either the reading or watch the video. I will upload the reading and you can click here for the video:


1. Key Argument - a cited quotation from an assigned reading or video that makes a claim or presents a thesis. the quotation expresses an important point of view by someone (ex: the author, a person in the video, the filmmaker) and is meant to persuade your thinking with a claim or thesis that is backed up with supporting evidence; the quotation needs to express an argument that you think is important in the context of the reading or video and that also challenges your thinking or perspective (resources: Author page number OR Filmmaker and video time)

My Thinking: a short explanation of: A) what makes the argument a key one based on your reading of it, and B) how it    challenges your thinking or changes your perspective (i.e., how did you think before vs. now?)

2. Key Word - a cited key term/phrase in bold from an assigned reading or video with a summary in your own words.      Your summary of the keyword is an explanation, in your own words, of the main idea and key context of the term or phrase based on assigned reading or video; the summary should not be a quoted passage.

3. Questions for Further Thinking - TWO genuine questions that you have based on a close reading of a text or a detailed viewing of a video; label the questions accordingly
clarifying question - meant to understand something more precisely
probing question - meant to dig deeper into something (an idea, a line of reasoning, etc)
implications question - meant to explore the consequences of something
factual question - meant to acquire more information about something


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