Neurological Diseases And Diseases Of The Sensory Systems


This discussion post will have you apply some of the information that you learned about the senses to human health. Additionally, at the end of the semester, you will be completing an assignment on a disease affecting the human body. In order to get you ready for this, we will have a series of discussion posts concerning diseases of the various organ systems that we are studying. This will give you some ideas about what disease you want to research further, as well as some sources to start your research 



Post about a disease affecting the nervous system and/or senses, applying knowledge from this module or the last module.

Neurological Diseases And Diseases Of The Sensory Systems

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Briefly research a neurological disease or a disease affecting one of the senses. For this post, you may choose any disease, as long as one of its main effects involves the nervous system or the senses. NOTE: as with all posts, you should not cover a disease that you researched in a previous discussion post. As you research, consider how what you learned in this module or the last module applies to the disease that you are researching. Your post should include: 

  • What part of the nervous system is/are affected (CNS, PNS, eyes, ears, etc)?
  • Are there any other organs or organ systems affected by this disease? If so, which ones?
  • A summary of some aspect of the disease (for example: causes, symptoms, or treatments) that relates to something that you learned about the nervous system
  • Connect at least one thing that you learned from this module (Week 6, Part 1 [Nervous System and the Senses]) to how it applies to the disease. Be reasonably thorough and thoughtful here.  

A solid post will likely be somewhere on the order of 100-150 words. You do not need to go overboard, but you should make sure that your connection(s) is/are clearly explained.

Make sure to post a link to your source(s). As with all discussion posts where you cite outside sources, make sure that you are not quoting directly from your source. All information from the source should be paraphrased, in your own words.

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