My Son, My Executioner,

Continuing Paper 1 with the poem you selected to write about in Paper 1a, write a second partial explication, a detailed examination of the poets use of the next set of poetic devices we have discussed in classsymbolism and musical devices. You should write one paragraph discussing each of these two poetic devices. My Son, My Executioner, Donald Hall on Blackboard in the Poems folder Richard Cory, Edwin Arlington Robinson on Blackboard in the Poemsfolder A Mans a Man for A That, Robert Burnson Blackboard in the Poemsfolder After Apple Picking, Robert Frost on Blackboard in the Poems folder Spring and All, William Carlos Williams on Blackboard in the Poems folder Barbie Doll, Marge Piercy on Blackboard in the Poems folder.For this paper, consider the speaker of the poem, images that may have symbolic meanings, and musical devices that have been employed by the poet (including rhyme and rhyme scheme, if applicable). Discuss examples of these two poetic devices that appear to you to be most important in the poem. Do not simply summarize what is going on in the poembe sure to discuss how the action and/or meaning of the poem is advanced or affected by these poetic elements as used by the poet. Your short essay should consist of two paragraphsone covering symbolism and one examining the use of musical devices in the poem. Carefully incorporate quoted passages of poetry into your work. In quoting verse,be sure to maintain the integrity of a line of poetry. When you include more than one line of poetry in a quotation, mark the line breaks by inserting a diagonal slash (/) with a space on either side:The poet writes, The sea is calm tonight, / The tide is full, the moon lies fair / upon the straits.Follow each quote with parentheses telling the reader what lines your quote occurs on in the poem:The Eyes glaze once-and that is Death- / Impossible to feign (lines 5-6).*Note that the punctuation goes outside the parentheses. You will have one Work Cited entry. Please note the following example.

My Son, My Executioner,

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