Money And Medicine

Money and Medicine Paper Instruction & Rubric


Provide a minimum 2 pages "double spaced" (1 inch margins; 12 inch font) reflection of the video Money and Medicine. Include a separate cover page with your name, date, title of paper (Money and Medicine) and course title. Respond to each of the following statements based on your personal reflection. Any references that you use be sure to document in APA style.
 Link for Money and Medicine Video

Please answer the following questions.
1. How does health care cost affect the federal budget?
2. Compare the UCLA model of care vs. Intermountain Medical Center's model of care.
3. How does Intermountain Medical Center deal with end of life care?
4. How has defensive medicine played a role in healthcare?
5. If you were the CEO of a major health care organization, describe 2 practices, policies or standards you would implement to fix the system.

Money and Medicine Rubric

Answered question 1







Answered question 2






Answered question 3






Answered question 4






Answered question 5






Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure & documentation (APA)


Money And Medicine

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