MEEC Research Report

Select an actual MEEC company. Research the web for articles and discussions about the most recent meeting, conference or event from that company.  Prepare a written report based on their research.


Research topic:

Select the most recent meeting, conference or event from a selected MEEC company of your choice. (You can also work backwards and find a meeting or event you are interested in and find out which company managed the event).


Your report should include (suggestion: each bullet is a paragraph)

  • Intro: Introduce the MEEC company
  • Include the most recent meeting, conference or event. Where, When ,Price, Why?
  • Any technology or online/hybrid offered at the meeting?
  • Include any featured events/speakers
  • Discuss the sponsors of the meeting
  • Conclusion/Summary: Was this meeting successful? In your own words, describe how you felt the meeting went. Did anything stand out as innovative? Any suggestions for future meetings?

*Include APA citations and include a link to the Events page*



Report should be at least 500 words.

Includes APA Citation

MEEC Research Report

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Include link to events page

If you use pull ANY information from another source you must reference the source or put the sentences in quotes and in-text citation.

Website resources:


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