Media Bias Does Exist

1,100 word, objective third-person response
APA style
Be sure to use a combination of paraphrase and quotes (no more than 10% direct quote).
Cite in the body of the essay as well as on the reference page.
Sources should be integrated and include both primary and secondary sources.
This essay should also be thesis-driven
6 supporting sources need to be referenced in the body and listed on the works cited page.
Sources must be credible.
Writing Prompt: Argue that media bias does exist. You may limit the topic as you choose (i.e. political, gender, or regional media bias). Support with specific evidence from your research. Do NOT focus on bias  itself. (No papers about bias against women, men, youth .) It must be how the media demonstrates bias against groups.

Media Bias Does Exist

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Grading Rubric
All essays will be assessed based on the following criteria:
Unity-Supports the thesis with all details of the essay
Coherence-Logically develops the content
Style-Exhibits mature style with varied sentence patterns and effective paragraph structure
Development-Adds strong Specifics and multiple paragraphs to support the thesis
Grammar, Spelling, and Usage-Applies correct grammar, spelling, and writing conventions
Citation-Uses citation if material is not completely original or common knowledge
Format-Utilizes required APA format as noted in the assignment sheet

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