Market Analysis

Write a paper in which you compare two magazines for the same market, answering the following 

questions for each magazine. After answering these questions, you should be able to clearly indicate 

the differentiation between the two.

Market Analysis

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  1. Determine the magazine’s . As we discussed, this is the magazine’s focus. It defines the purpose of the magazine, the type of content that will serve that purpose, and the voice the magazine will use. The most important aspect of the editorial philosophy is an understanding of the magazine’s target audience. This is built into the magazine’s title (like Health magazine, which is obvious) and the overall design. 
  2. What purpose does the magazine claim to exist for? (inform, interpret, entertain, advocate, provide service)
  3. Who is the magazine’s reader? What are the demographics? (Go online for their Media Kit—usually on the bottom of the site—or call their marketing department.)
  4. Briefly, what is the history of the magazine?
  5. How does the magazine show that it knows its audience?
  6. Compare the departments and features:
    1. How many of each?
    2. How do the departments fit the magazine’s philosophy?
    3. How do they fill the needs of its audience?
    4. Do the department titles indicate immediately what is in the section, i.e., age-by-age advice?
    5. How many features does the magazine have?
    6. How long is each feature?
    7. What types of features are included?
    8. What do the tone of the features and writing style indicate about their audience?
  7. How is each magazine editorially different? Can you easily differentiate? 
  8. Who owns the magazine? 
  9. What is the circulation? (This means how many magazines they indicate they print. Some break it down by newsstand copies versus subscriptions.)
  10. What is the frequency? (This means how often, like monthly, bi-monthly, weekly.)
  11. Is it predominantly freelance, staff written or a mix?
  12. Is the magazine a consumer, trade, organization or other type of publication? 
  13. Is it a shelter, health, personal finance or leisure magazine?
  14. How does its web site content vary from the magazine? Does either magazine have other products, ie. podcasts, videos?
  15. Which magazine do you prefer and why?

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