Managerial Analysis Research Paper

Managerial Analysis Research Paper – The task is to conduct an in-depth managerial analysis of a selected (publicly traded) organization, e.g., a corporation, company, or association (select an organization of interest).

All written material submitted must be:

-          APA format, double spaced in 12 point, Times New Roman, 8-10 pages (including title and reference page) with well documented references (minimum 7 academic resources).

-          submitted through Moodle upload in MSWord format only

-          No copy and paste/direct quoting

Paper Outline (these also represent the headings for the paper)


Background Information- Introduce organization and provide background information

Mission and Vision.  What is the mission and vision of the organization?

Strategy.  Define the organization's overall strategy

Customers and Competition.  Identify customers and competitors.




            Describe how the firm is organized.

Managerial Analysis Research Paper

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            Structure.  Note the formal structure (organizational charts); also what informal entities exist?

            Decision-Making.  Describe the decision-making process.

            Change.  How does the organization manage change?

Leadership Style

            What is the leadership style?

            Heroes.  Who are the organization's heroes?

            Motivation.  Describe the motivational environment.

            Communication. Assess the effectiveness of the organizational communications.


            Discuss processes for control

            Ratios. Discuss three to four financial controls.  Comment on ratios related to the corporation.

                                    - If the corporation has a high debt to equity ratio please analyze why and if it is good or bad.

                                    - Does the corporation to a high or low quick ratio, acid ratio.

            Operational.  Describe the operational controls.

            Behavioral.  Describe any behavioral controls

            Technological.  What role(s) do information systems play?


SWOT Analysis

            Define SWOT. Complete a detailed SWOT analysis for the organization.

       Strengths. What are the strengths of the organization?

       Weaknesses. What are the weaknesses of the organization?

       Opportunities. What are the opportunities for the organization?

       Threats. What are the threats to the organization?



                        Restate primary topic sentences from introduction, discussion, and analysis.


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