Making Remote Work Possible

Companies rely on "the cloud" and third party services to operate in the modern workplace. Part of this migration and the pains associated with them has been managing the risk of remote workers, remote systems, and lack of direct oversight.

Please read these three articles:

  • How IT Teams Can Make Remote Work Successful and Safe 
  • At The Crossroads Of Identity: The Relationship Between Remote Work And Ransomware
  • Amazon Web Services Suffers Another Outage

Making Remote Work Possible

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Give the articles a full read and find 2 additional articles, news sources, or media on the subject.

Answer the following questions:

What is VDI and how does it help a business handle the shifting modern workplace?

How do the risks associated with ransomware or large provider outages impact your potential decision to commit to a VDI solution? What type would you select for your business?

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