Major Project

Major Project:

This major project is a culminating project wherein the student will show what was learned concerning Scripture and Servant leadership in this class.

The student will develop a Power Point project to present to a professional audience on the topic of at least two pericopes of Scripture in the examination of servant leadership and will include a comparison of the concepts found with the construct of servant leadership as described by Patterson (2003). In addition the presentation will include these two sections: the steps to develop this type of leadership (action steps section) and a practical application section for either church or business leaders. 

The student will use the exegetical resources of SRI with some explanation of that method in the process of the project. Therefore, the project will include an introduction, a section on the exegetical analysis of the two pericopes of Scripture with a summary of findings. Then there will be a section on the comparison of the Biblical concepts and servant leadership, a separate section for action steps and finally a practical application section.

The NOTES section of the PP slides will be used as the 'script' of what will be stated in the actual presentation setting and should be presented in APA style. The presentation should be 15 -- 17 slides of content (not inclusing title, intro, or references ) slides-- these are what the audience 'sees' and the notes are what you are the presenter are 'speaking' -- so develop the NOTES clearly with the scholarly support needed. 
The presentation should be 20 slides of content (not to include title page and references pages).
Note that this project is scored using the Major Project Rubric.

Major Project

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