Macroeconomics Discussion

As of January 2022, inflation is at a 40-year high (7.5%). This means that the price of goods and services are rising.
Read the articles in the link above and discuss the following:
1) How is inflation affecting you consumption behaviors of daily goods? (Are you consuming more or less with price increases?)
2) What cost increase in products in affecting you the most or the least? (For example, if the price of certain foods went up, did you have to look for substitutes of lower prices?  With gas increase, are you driving less? Give practical examples)
3) What adjustments are you are making to accomodate for the rising cost of goods and services? (Is inflation causing you to look for a second job, better paying job, go back to school, change careers, drive less, etc. What has changed?)

Macroeconomics Discussion

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