Listed In Instructions

Sheila came to your office about eight months ago, seeking counseling and stating that she “hoped to save her marriage.” After a few sessions with Sheila, you suggested that couples counseling might be helpful, but her husband, Roy, refused to participate. Three months ago, Sheila and Roy went through a very nasty breakup of their marriage, and now you have been subpoenaed to produce all of your records pertaining to Sheila’s treatment. Sheila has told you to comply with the subpoena, saying that she has nothing to hide. Despite your suggestion to Sheila that it may not be in her best interest to disclose those records, she has refused to assert the privilege. What should you do?
Discussion Paper
Write a few sentences describing what you should say to Sheila regarding her decision to waive confidentiality in this instance. Review the information in our text or another credible source describing “Discovery in Litigation” and based on this, describe the specific steps you would take in responding to the subpoena. Your response should be about 3/4 to one page not including the prompt. Cite at least one credible source to support your plan.
When the assignment is a discussion paper, a substantial response is a paper that is about one page in length  and includes 2-3 long paragraphs or a minimum of 250-300 words (not including the question if you decide to restate it) that completely answer all parts of the discussion question.

Listed In Instructions

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