1. Word Formation - Leximania (p. 111)

The comedian Rich Hall has his sniglets ('words that don't appear in any dictionary but should'): stroodle 'the annoying piece of cheese that connects you to your hot pizza'; glarpo 'the juncture between ear and skull where pencils and pens are stored'; sloovers 'the remnants of soap too small to use, but too big to throw away'; and there are many more. Make up your own sniglets (in any language) using any of the word-formation processes discussed in this chapter. Explain the words, their meanings, and the process used. Create 3.

2. Lexical Ambiguity - 'Crash Blossoms' in Headlinese (p. 174)

    1. In their effort to achieve conciseness, sub-editors often leave out the grammatical words from newspaper headlines, and the result can be amusing ambiguity. Below are some celebrated examples of ambiguous headlines, now dubbed 'crash blossoms' (and for more crash blossoms, see various posts on '' (where you will also discover the reason for this linguistic label).
    2. Decide whether the ambiguity in these headlines is structural, lexical (that is, based on an ambiguous word) or both, then use paraphrases to establish the different interpretations. 

      a. Truck Leads Police to Molest Suspect

      b. MacArthur Flies Back to Front

      c. City Ducks Vote on Transportation Fee


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      d. Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim

      e. Stud Tires Out

      f. Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge

      g. Stolen Painting Found By Tree

      h. Kids Make Nutritious Snacks

      i. McDonald's Fries the Holy Grail for Potato Farmers

      j. Gator Attacks Puzzle Experts

    3. Then, identify a recent crash blossom from within the last year and explain its alternate interpretations.

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