Leadership: Transformational And Charismatic Leaders

Find below summary of instruction, full assignment instrcution attached. 

(Assigned Reading is Chapter 8 of the Text Book, 2 other articles have been attached.)

Leadership: Transformational And Charismatic Leaders

Leadership: Transformational And Charismatic Leaders is rated 4.8/5 based on 909 customer reviews.

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Choose one aspect of yourreading this week, or of any other resources you have found.  Share yourinsights about what the significance of this aspect is by responding to thequestions/statements below:

1.  Provide anoverview of the concept you'd like to focus on.   What is the mainidea?  You may choose to write about it, or share another resource (i.e awebpage, a video, an article, etc.)

2.   Discusswhy this is important for leaders?  

3.   Share howyou have seen this in action with leaders you have seen or know about?  

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