Juvenile Delinquency Essay Project

Students will write two (2) Essays discussing the following issues:

ISSUE #1: The impact that media (i.e., television, video games, and music) has on delinquency.  

Juvenile Delinquency  Essay Project

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ISSUE #2: How to reduce the incidence of the human trafficking of children.

In each essay, the student will formulate a reaction statement on the controversial issue, articulate the opinions from other source, and reach a personal opinion. All submissions must include the following technical components:  

  • Minimum length: Each essay will be five to six pages (i.e., 1,250-1,500 words) in length.
  • An abstract, reference page, and a cover page will be included in each essay, but will not count as part of the minimum page (word) length.
  • A minimum of five sources will be used to locate opinions on the provided topics. Sources must be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals from the Park University electronic databases.
  • Essays must be in APA format.

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