Is The Cost Of College To High

Your memo will be four paragraphs:

Paragraph One: Identify your topic and why it is relevant in today's culture. 

Paragraph Two: Discuss your personal connection to the topic, including any potential biases or obstacles.

Is The Cost Of College To High

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Paragraph Three: Discuss what information you need to gather about this topic in order to make a logical, effective argument.

Paragraph Four: Identify the opposition to your argument and discuss how you might convince someone who opposes you. 

For the remainder of this course, you will work with the topic of your choosing (from the two I provided for you). With this topic, you will: (1) complete academic research to investigate the issue, (2) compose a formal, academic research paper to an academic audience, and (3) craft a public piece entry to a non-academic audience. This work will span the remainder of the course. 

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