Irresponsible Marketing Optional Assignment - Find An Example

Optional assignment for class participation credit: Find and submit an example of marketing (current or historic) that you find irresponsible in some way. (This assignment will not be accepted late.)

Irresponsible refers to failing to meet its obligation to potential customers and society as a whole. This could include using misleading or false information, playing on stereotypes, deceptive pricing, etc.

Your submission must include:

Irresponsible Marketing Optional Assignment - Find An Example

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    1. an image of or link to the marketing, and
    2. a description of what you find irresponsible in that marketing and why you think it's irresponsible. (Do not cut & paste someone else's description of the problem.)

Marketing can be an advertisement, packaging, signage, a press release, content posted by a brand on Facebook, Instagram or other social media, or any other communication from the manufacturer of a product. It does not include content posted by customers, stakeholders, or any party other than the manufacturer of the product.

Example: Below is an old ad for Camel cigarettes. Reynolds Tobacco Company illegally aimed its Joe Camel advertising campaign at minors. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission asserted in an administrative complaint that the company violated Federal fair trade practice laws by promoting a lethal and addictive product to children and adolescents who could not legally purchase or use it.

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