INTL402 Progress Assignment 1

Research Question - China's Information Warefare Intentions Towards the U.S

For this assignment, your taskis to generate an intelligence research question and produce a literaturereview and annotated bibliography. Select an intelligence topic of your choicethat calls for either an explanatory study (why question) or predictive study(what will happen question). Once you have developed your research question,you will conduct a literature review and produce an annotated bibliography(example attached).

General Requirements

1. Document Format.

a. MS Word document

b. One-inch (1") margins

c. Times New Roman font

d. Twelve (12) pitch

e. Not including your title page, this assignment should be 4 pages. This does include your annotated bibliography.

f. Double space, except for your bibliography's citations (see example below).

2. Citation Format: The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). As stated in the Academic Integrity Briefings, information taken directly from another source must be placed in quotations and cited following the CMS format contained in the week one "lessons" folder. You must cite all other information from your sources, even if you do not quote directly. DIRECT QUOTING SHOULD BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM.

3. Grading is based on the attached rubric.

You should include the following elements inyour paper

INTL402 Progress Assignment 1

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Title Page

Section I: Introduction

In your introduction, you willgive the background of your research topic. What is the broader intelligenceissue? Why should you reader care about this topic? What are the implicationsfor US national security? Your specific research question will be an element ofthis larger problem.

*Note: An intelligence issue isNOT the evaluation of US policy or process. An intelligence issue is somethingthat the IC researches to understand an adversary. For example, will NorthKorea invade South Korea or will Iran develop a nuclear weapons capability.

Section II: The ResearchQuestion

In this section, you shouldaddress your specific research question. This section should include:

a) Yourresearch question

b) Whattype of study is this (explanatory or predictive)?

c) Whatis the dependent variable (refer to your week 1 reading)?

d) Whatare the independent variables (refer to your week 1 reading)?

e) Arethere obvious answers to your specific research question? What are they?

f) Shortdiscussion of how you developed this question and why it should be of interestto the Intelligence Community.

Section III: Related Literature

Provide current state of ouraccumulated knowledge as it relates to your specific research question. Thissection should answer whether or not there is an accumulated body ofscholarship on this issue. Is this a new issue or have scholars and analystsbeen studying it for years? What kind of literature is out there? Are thereleading researchers/analysts on this topic? Who are they? If this is a newissue, what challenges will that present to your research?

Section IV: AnnotatedBibliography.

While conducting yourliterature review, you will also build an annotated bibliography. Do this byproviding an annotated bibliography of at least five sourcesyou would use to answer your research question. These sources should includebooks, journals and other scholarly articles. In the annotation include whatinformation the source provides to your research question. Use the Chicagostyle of annotation for this and all assignments in this course. Formattingcounts. See the attached example.

An annotated bibliography is alist of sources on a certain topic with a brief description of each source.Each entry in an annotated bibliography should include all the informationnormally included in a list of works cited. For instance, the citation for abook would include the title, author, publisher, place of publication, and yearof publication.

The bibliographic informationis followed by an annotation, which can be a few sentences or a lengthyparagraph that describes the contents of the source and provides a briefexplanation of its relevance to your research. For this assignment, yourannotations should be a minimum of 5 sentences.

** I have attached two examples


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