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What is the difference between Classical Realism and Structural Realism?

Democratic Peace focuses on the regime type (democracy can be peaceful) and Neoliberal theory such as interdependence focuses on how globalization influences______ 

For a structural realist, an anarchic world leads states to pursue a policy of ______
(Self-help policy)

How do structural realists and Neoliberal institutionalists view international institutions/organizations?

In terms of cooperation then Structural realists point to self-help and temporary alliances because they have short-term interests, while Neoliberals argue rational actors have ______ term interests. What kind of gain is do neoliberals value?

What is the difference between Offensive/Defensive & Hegemonic rivalry theory?

While some Neoliberals believe in a world after hegemony, others believe that a liberal international order requires a hegemonic power to control what? 

Through interdependence theory, cooperation in one area leads to cooperation to another area (Tech Finance ). What do liberals call this?


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