Informative Topic Discussion Proposal

Your answers should be written in 3-5 well-developed sentences for each question. The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in your writing process, as well as propose your topics for approval.

1. Establish your Interest: What is your topic and why are you particularly interested in speaking about it? 

2. Bridge the Gap: Does the audience already have an interest in the topic? Are you able to successfully bridge the gap between the topic and the audience to cultivate a deeper interest? That being said, why do you believe this topic is significant, interesting, or relevant to your audience?

3. Open for Feedback: Do you (the speaker) have any questions you would like to pose to your peers (the audience) who are reading this response? (For instance, you might ask if anyone has prior knowledge of the topic or suggestive directions. Perhaps, you want to know if the topic is relevant/ speaks to the basic needs of the audience. You may also inquire about the basic thoughts, attitudes, values, and beliefs of the audience in regards to your topic, etc.)

Informative Topic Discussion Proposal

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