Indian Removal In The United States

A comparative analysis is the process of examining a topic based on the similarities and differences of this topic presented in two different sources. For this assignment, you will select a topic significant in Native American history (i.e. European colonization, adoption of permanent settlements, the effect of trade on the Abenaki tribe, etc.) and critically examine it (i.e., identify causes, key factors, and possible repercussions) by comparing and contrasting two primary sources. You will then support your analysis using information found in at least 5 secondary sources (in addition to the Edmunds text). Your final comparative analysis must be 10-12 pages (approximately 2,500 words), not including the bibliography page.  I need this on Inidian removal and The Andrew Jackson administration Chicago format
I need all uploaded books refrenced.  In chicago format

Indian Removal In The United States

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