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Anishinabek Nation looks forward tohistory-making self-government agreement vote


In The News

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Introduction (1 paragraph)
In your first paragraph, introduceboth articles. Make certain to include important information such as author,date, article title and newspaper title. The final line of your introductoryparagraph should be your thesis statement.

For each of the articles, writethree paragraphs containing the following: (6 paragraphs in total):

1. A summary of the article (whatit is about).

2. A discussion of the information(your thoughts about what you learned). Did you have enough backgroundinformation to understand the news story? If you did not, what background/additionalinformation do you need? Do you think that the general population has enoughinformation to understand the article?

3. An evaluation of the article.What did the author do well? What is missing? What is one suggestion forimprovement you would give? You might reflect on some of the common stereotypesshared by the Native American Journalists Association Bingo Card
( and if any of these perpetuatedthrough the reporting.

Conclusion (1 paragraph)
What did you learn about the hownewspapers report stories? Was there any difference in how the stories werereported by the two newspapers? What advice would you give concerning learningabout issues related to Indigenous peoples through the news?


Record the title of the articles,authors, newspapers and date using Chicago Style.


 To see how newspapers are cited, please scrolldown on this page:


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