Illinois Educational Policy Handbook

For this assignment, you should put together for yourself, your school, and/or your district a Policy Handbook to assist you in monitoring and influencing the educational policy system of the state in which you work.

The Policy Handbook should consist of at least the following sections: (1) information about the governor, his/her staff, any staff people especially involved in education policy, and major positions the governor has taken on education; (2) information about the legislature, including the Speaker of the House, Senate President, education committees in both houses, finance committees in both houses, your district's representative and senator, and major educational issues in the legislature; (3) the chief state school officer; (4) the State Board of Education; (5) the State Department of Education; (6) educational interest groups; (7) major non-educational interest groups which seek to influence education policy; (8) titles of publications and other sources which carry information on the state educational policy process.

Other materials may be added which are relevant to your particular position or interests.

Illinois Educational Policy Handbook

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