IDS 400 Final Project Part One Guidelines And Rubric

For Final Project Part One, you will select a specific issue or event in diversity and critically analyze it through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences. Through viewing the issue or event through these lenses, you will gain insight into how the intersectional nature of diversity affects society as well as both your own individual framework of perception and the choices, attitudes, and behaviors of others Be sure to support your analyses with appropriate and relevant evidence from theory and research.

Final Project Part One Submission: Critical Analysis Portfolio In Module Seven, you will submit your completed portfolio. It should be a complete, polished document containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This submission will be graded with the Final Project Part One Rubric.

IDS 400 Final Project Part One Guidelines And Rubric

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Guidelines for Submission: Altogether, this portfolio should be 6 to 8 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and written in APA format. Within your portfolio, each analysis should be 3 to 5 paragraphs long. Use double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include at least two relevant resources per lens cited in APA format. Submit your portfolio in a single Word document.

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