Holistic Self Care Model For Permanent Weight Control

Topic: Holistic self care model for permanent weight control



Theory Paper 20% of Final Grade (10-page limit, APA format)


The recommended length for the content/text section of the paper (not including the title page and references) is 10 pages. Use APA format to cite all sources. An abstract is not needed.


1.      Introduction of the Nursing theory- Provide the history, background and the significance of the theory


Holistic Self Care Model For Permanent Weight Control

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2.      Analysis of the Nursing theory- Include


Explanation of the theory(theoretical statements and linkages)- include explanation of Person, Environment, Health and Nursing


Demonstrate how the theory has been used in areas of nursing practice- Provide varied examples (peer -reviewed journal articles).


Critique the nursing theory you have chosen- Identify strengths and limitations of the theory.


1.      Are concepts clearly defined and logically connected?

2.      Is there a model or diagram that contributes to clarifying theory.?

3.      Are concepts measurable (operationally defined)?

4.      Can you understand it well enough to apply it to practice or research?


3.      Application -Propose one new/novel use of the theory in a specific area of nursing practice. Explain the “theory in action.”


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