History Essay

Using the attached sources only, answer the prompt givenbellow in a 750-word essay under 850-words. Outside sources are not permitted. Theessay should be well supported with examples and evidence from the linked materials.Be sure to cite all sources. You can cite authors in the text leading up to aquotation or you can cite them in simple parenthetical references (author lastname, page number).



Book -- Foner, Give Me Liberty -- starting withchapter 15 and ending with  21 arechapter that cover the prompt.

History Essay

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The other attached sources cover portions of thequestions asked and can be used as support.

All the sources do not have to be used


Describe the Negro Problem or the plight of AfricanAmericans after the Civil War from Reconstruction to the turn of the twentiethcentury. What freedoms did African Americans gain during Reconstruction andwhich ones remained limited? How did this change in the post-Reconstructionera? How did African Americans fight for their own equality and racialadvancement during this period?

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