Government Essay / Research Paper

You will write a paper over ONE topic on the below issues as they relate to current issues in the Texas government.
*Covid 19
*Law and Order
*Election Fraud

In this folder, you will find factual resources to help you with your paper, including access to the NTCC online databases and your McGraw-Hill textbook.
  • Paper must be a minimum of 500 words .
  • Paper should use at least two reference sources.  One peer reviewed reference preferred. 
  • Paper should follow academic essay format of an introduction, body of at least three paragraphs, conclusion.
  • Paper should be formatted in MLA style. Videos are included in this folder to help you.
  • Your paper will be submitted to the TurnItIn link below and checked for plagiarism.
  • Please conduct adequate research to make sue your paper is based in fact and law.  Ths is not an opinion paper. If you turn in your opinion without research and fact based cousions you will receve a poor grade. 
  • Paper MUST BE an original work for this course.  If you are turning in a paper that you have turned into another course you wil recieve an automatic zero. 

Government Essay / Research Paper

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