This Written Assignment is a formal research assignment consisting of an essay in Times New Roman 11 with 1 inch margins (1 top/bottom). When you quote or make reference from the book, articles, lectures or videos, then be sure to use the Turabian style (Chicago style) sheet for in-text citations. You are also required to include a Works Cited page or bibliography.  Information about in-text citation of sources can be found in Modules. Again, be sure to follow the instructions carefully: do not include additional outside research for these writing assignments but rely only on the required course materials (readings, lectures, and videos). Be sure to engage all relevant sources; the more sources you engage the better the grade.  Although you must upload a finalized Word document, you will be able make minor edit changes once it is uploaded.  The assignment will be graded according to the criteria found in the Rubric.

essay topic:
2. This question focuses on the theological topic of revelation, which addresses the central question: how is knowledge of God reveled to us and how do we know God? This topic includes a discussion of Karl Barths and Boyer/Halls view natural/revealed theology and 
faith/reason. So, with this in mind, answer the following questions: how do we know God and who is this God that we know? Why is it important to think of God as a mystery and how does faith and reason help us with this knowledge of God?


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