Goal Setting

This assignment is designed for you to think critically about what your goals are for after graduation.  It is your chance to dream a little but also be realistic in planning out how you can reach these dreams.  You need to set 5 goals for after graduation.  These should be professional goals, such as apply to a certain graduate program or obtain a certain type of employment position.  You need to utilize the steps in creating specific, measurable goals outlined in the readings for this module.  Follow the steps below to include the specific information.  Note,  you should be able to go back to earlier modules to help you with these steps.  

1.  Goal setting:  Set a minimum of 5 goals for after graduation.

2.   Document the steps needed to get to each of your goals

Goal Setting

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3.  What additional information must you obtain to achieve each goal? 

This assignment is for a undergrad psychology major who is wanting to go into social work at some point in life. Just make up some realistic/acheiveable goals. 

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