Global Talent - Training & Development

The role of IHRM is a source of competitive advantage for a firm competing in a global market (Dowling et al., 2017). It is strategic, as you have seen in the past two modules, and it is also grapples with the functional complexities of HR in the global environment. The purpose of this discussion topic is for you to examine how recruitment and selection decisions and subsequent training and development activities are part of the way in which an MNE can build up its human capital in order to gain competitive advantage.

Please answer there two questions, it's not a essay, just a short answer question:
Q1. Robin is seeking your advice on the best approach to pre-departure training for the person that she has selected into the position of the firm's first director of the Asia-Pacific office. What would you advise her is the most 'right' approach for this pre-departure training? You must use evidence from Dowling et al. (2017) related to Mendenhall's CCT model to support your position. Q2: Turn back the clock to before Fred Bailey went overseas. Imagine if you had been the VP of HR in this MNE, and using material on the repatriation process from Dowling et al. (2017), design a repatriation process for Fred that will support his success in Tokyo. Use evidence from the case to justify your design choices.

There's links related to case:
Read pages 2 - 4 (the Fred Bailey Case). in 
Mendenhall, M. E., & Wiley, C. (1994). Strangers in a strange land: The relationship between expatriate adjustment and impression management. The American Behavioural Scientist, 37(5), Sage. 605.

Textbook especially chapter 7: 

Global Talent - Training & Development

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