Gestational Diabetes In Young Asian Adults Women

Lesson Plan - Patient Education for Health Behavior Change

The purpose of this assignment is to give the student the opportunity to prepare a formal targeted lesson plan designed to teach a patient about a specific health promotion activity that is appropriate for a selected chronic disease.
The student will identify a chronic disease in a particular social group and explore evidence-based health promotion activities that can be used by people with that disease, select one activity, and design a lesson plan to teach patients about how to incorporate the activity into their daily lives.
The lesson plan must include: APA 7
the patient learning outcomes
the specific topics that will be covered in the lesson
the teaching/instructional methods you will use to teach the patient
learning theory or other theory, including cultural theory and/or values
the assessment activities you will use to evaluate the patient learning
references from at least 5 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, less than five years old)

Lesson plan topic: Gestational Diabetes in young Asian adults women (18 to 35). 

Gestational Diabetes In Young Asian Adults Women

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