Gerrymandering: One Person, One Vote?

  1. Gerrymandering: One person, one vote?

    In this assignment, students have the opportunity to try their hand at a simplified districting exercise and learn about the common gerrymandering practices of packing and cracking districts. Students will complete an online exercise in which they play mini-golf to see how elections are tilted using maps.

    Complete the online exercise here

    Gerrymandering: One Person, One Vote?

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    After completing the online exercise students will write a 2-3-page paper reflecting on their online simulation and addressing the following prompts.

    • After completing the mini-golf simulation; How do redistricting and gerrymandering work? (Use this article and your textbook to support your analysis)
    • What is your understanding of the use of gerrymandering and the effects of gerrymandering on democracy?  Does gerrymandering silence voters?
    • Who should decide how legislative districts are drawn?
    • Do you think we as a society should pay more attention to the issue of redistricting and gerrymandering? What should we do to address this issue?

    This assignment is due February 20th by 11:59 pm

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