Geography | Natural Resources

The definition of a natural resource provided by Getis et al. (2009) includes three major characteristics: a) it must be naturally occurring; b) it must be exploitable; and, c) it must be perceived by a society to be useful to its economic and material well-being. 

After reading pertinent portions of Chapter # 5 of our textbook, answer the following question in a clear and concise manner, showing knowledge of this topic and using key definitions included in the readings:

  • In your opinion, what are the three (3) most important natural resources found in the area where we live (South Florida, part of the Sunshine State)?

Your answer should reflect knowledge of the topic applying the concepts learned in our course, and, most importantly, using your own words.  Explain each item (natural resource) in no less than 150 words and no more than 200 words.  You must use titles to separate each answer/item.  Essays that are less than 500 words in total will lose points.  It is not allowed to work in teams.  The word count does not include your name, PID, the title of your essay, or if you copy the question posed in your work.  

Your work must also include at-least a one-page image (picture) related to the examples provided, and a reference of the source where we can find this information, both in your essay (next to the picture) and in your bibliography page.

Besides including pertinent sections of our course textbook, there is no need to use any additional external source. Nevertheless, your work must include a Bibliography page including a complete reference of our course textbook (Getis et al. 2009). This reference, which is included at the end of this instructions, must be copied and pasted into your work.  Make sure to write the title of this book in Italics and, only the first word of the title must be written in caps.

Geography | Natural Resources

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You must post your answer to these questions by uploading your work before the deadline to receive full credit.

NOTE: You must format your work according to the required Technical Aspects described in the course syllabus: a) 12-point font (Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, or Book Antiqua); one-inch margins all around; double-spaced; and, number the pages.


Getis, A., Getis, V. and M. Bjelland.  2018.  Introduction to geography.  15th edition.  New York: McGraw Hill.

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