Genetic Research

See the attachment for the book:   This is on chapter 2 only. 

Genetic Research

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Prompt: In the movie Spiderman,a character states, With great power, comes great responsibility. In Chapter2, students are introduced to the Human Genome Project, a scientific endeavorthat is destined to change the world as we know it (i.e., great power).Advances made by Human Genome Project researchers have also raised a variety ofethical concerns. For example, the development of tests to identify carriers ofdiseases and for prenatal detection of diseases such as cystic fibrosis andHuntingtons disease has been met with mixed responses. Some applaud thesetests as they could prevent many infants from being born with damaging ordeadly illnesses. Others believe that the test has more drawbacks than benefitsas they may lead to a world in whichonly perfect people will be allowed to be born. There is also growing concernover who should have access to the results of genetic tests. The goal of thisassignment is to help students consider what responsibility we have to protectindividuals from advancements made by the Human Genome Project and otherstudies of genetic influences on behavior. Consider the following issues foryour presentation: 1) what is the value of genetic testing for someone who isnot going to consider an abortion? 2) Should partners be obligated to informeach other of any genetic defects in their family?

3) Does a childor adolescent have the right to request (or refuse) to have genetic testingdone to them? 4) Should insurance companies have the right to access theresults of genetic tests so they can adjust the rates for an individual? 5)Should employers be able to screen potential employees based on genetic tests?6) Should the government have the right to require genetic testing if it leadsto healthier infants? 7) Should people have the right to purchase genetic testsfor themselves?

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