Find The Ethical Issues


In the modern business world, we may find ourselves facing moral dilemmas as it pertains to operations, marketing, and beyond. This assignment asks you to assess the marketing strategy of tobacco companies by way of third-party agencies such as Media Star Promotions.  To begin, please read the Vox Article "Why Big Tobacco sends 20-somethings to pass out cigarette coupons in bars". Based on your reading, please write a 1 page, double-spaced, paper outlining 2 -3 ethical issues/questionable ethical behaviors of brand ambassadors, Media Star, and/or the tobacco companies. This is not a paper or opinion piece on the evils of the tobacco industry, but rather, a paper showcasing your ability to pinpoint questionable ethical behavior and summarize your findings in a clear, concise manner. 

Paper Guidelines:

1 page

AMA Paper Formatting


Find The Ethical Issues

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Grading Rubric:

2.5 points: Length

2.5 points: Spelling and Grammar

10 points: Content


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