Finale Course Reflection

Write a Finale Course Reflection Discussion Post -Individual response in Blackboard - Reflecting on Strategic Risk Management Principles learned: Review your Discussion topic linked all textbooks and your course found articles throughout the experience. DUE the final week online: post by Friday 5:59pm EdT. Course Bonus Value 2%

Please consider sharing an overview to the class of your conceptual thoughts on our industry responsibilities for the safekeeping of overall operations for the global HTT marketplace. Strategy is part of forecasting projections for short-term action tactics to correct any potential long-term business planning abnormal circumstances that may or may not affect a local operation. It is through the culmination of industry knowledge and academic foresights to assist in elevating ethical operations together as we can create continuous aligned success in combating unjust use of our sector when things go wrong. Explain your understanding of how business models can create alignment to form relationship marketing and promotional campaigns for the different aspects of responsible business practices. Use such resources as the internet, online library/media center, and/or reflect on the textbooks and other examples gained from your Environmental impacts Case studies and your Human-Induced impacts on combating HT Case studies.

Don't forget to list at least 3 of your most interesting educational references that you discovered during your review of the Discussion Board topics.

Q1: Discuss the learned skills and tactics of responsible business strategies that can influence policies, procedures and proof (checklists) for daily operations. How can we find our resiliency as a global tourism system - creating better services with ethical safekeeping for sustainable H&T businesses in all sectors of our industry?

Q2: Do you believe that relationships in business partnerships will continue to be part of the future protection of hospitality and tourism strategies to rebuild global tourism? If so, how? If not, why? People are our business, how can we make a difference, every day?

Q3: What are the three most prominent things that youve learned as takeaway skills from this particular Risk Management course that will enable you to be more respectful and resourceful in your future as we overcome our Covid resiliency?

 Prepare a finale summary of your written analysis few finale paragraphs in consideration for your post discussion (a minimum of 250 and maximum of up to 500 words in a paragraph for all questions). Introduction: Introduce your topic of discussion on Risk Management in H&T. Make sure your post includes a contextual analysis to the course evaluation of lessons learned - the complexity of teamwork and collaboration. Discuss any industry situations that add to the discussion topic from the lessons learned from this fast-paced course. Recommendations of future actions you would recommend. Add any additional questions that arose from your research and course reading throughout the course for your finale reflection.

Review how you were part of an individual support for a team success plan for overcoming industry challenges.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you online for this unique flexible online course that offers weekly modules- hopefully you enjoyed experiencing the 7 week condensed learning as we move forward into managing Crisis principles for H&T. I look forward to seeing you again in the next part of the semester- Crisis Management, as we review lessons from the tumultuous 2020 year (that we will all never forget) to create better national systems moving forward in industry to unite global as a whole in 2022! 

Finale Course Reflection

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