Explore A Communication-related Topic Of Interest To You

Explore a communication-related topic of interest to you. Prepare a paper that compares and contrasts a scholarly article of your choice with the material presented in the course. To complete this assignment you will need to:

Locate a scholarly article on an aspect of communication. Examples include: the process itself, the direction, communication across cultures, barriers to effective communication, or age and gender issues in communication.
Compare and contrast the article you identified to the assigned textbook reading, the Week 1 course content, videos, and other relevant articles. (Note: Pay close attention the rubric as shown below, you will need to compare and contrast your article to at least 3 sources to earn full credit with regard to your sources.)

General Assignment Requirements
Review the assignment rubric to ensure that you have fulfilled all expected requirements as related to:

Explore A Communication-related Topic Of Interest To You

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Content and focus
Sources and format
Writing style

Additional Requirements
This assignment should be developed from your own ideas, supported by source material, and include the following elements:

An Introduction which defines the nature and scope of your topic,
a brief summary of the article (c.250-500 words),
a comparison of the article with ideas presented in the course material (c.750-1000 words),
a Conclusion which summarizes key findings, and
an APA reference page;
12-point Times New Roman font or similar, double-spaced with 1" margins.
A link to the online APA Style Guide is: Purdue's Online Writing Lab (APA Style Guide).

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