Evaluation - Interpretation And Context

  1. Take a look at the image of the painting 
  2. Provide a short answer (150 to 300 words) to each of the questions about the work posed below. (A total of 600 to 1200 words)
  3. Submit the written response as a Word or PDF document named: Assignment6.lastname.doc.
  1. Which of the 4 roles of the artist mentioned in chapter 1 do you think this artist fits into the best? Why?
  2. What has the most emphasis in the work, or what is its focal point? What does that tell you about the work?
  3. What associations does this work bring up for you? Tell us what element, principle of design or piece of subject matter helps make each association?
  4. How does the way the medium is handled (roughness or smoothness of paint, stone, etc.) affect your interpretation?  Can you imagine it being handled another way?
  5. How does the artists identity affect how you interpret the work?
  6. What historical or environmental relationships affect how you interpret the work?

Evaluation - Interpretation And Context

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