Entrepreneur Notebook

Entrepreneur Notebook (25 pts)

In order to identify opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures, you must begin to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and watch for opportunities in your daily life.  One way in which to do this is to maintain your ideas in a notebook which is required for this class.  You should make four entries per week for three weeks (12 total).  This is an electronic notebook using Microsoft Word.  Because this is idea generation, rather than assessment, the entries need only be 4-5 sentences long and describe the product or service in a general way that is clear and easy to understand.   If you choose to draw a picture you may upload the picture as well.


In addition, you will need to provide a Knowledge, Skills and Ability personal reflection.  Your background will help guide your future entrepreneurial activity so it is essential to understand what characteristics that make you unique.  A paragraph a minimum of 5 sentences will need to be included in your notebook submission.    Here is a PowerPoint to help you think about your KSAs: KSA.pptx Download KSA.pptx


Assignment Deliverable

Entrepreneur Notebook

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You will need to upload the following components into Canvas:

  • 12 Ideas: Word document of all 12 ideas along with 4-5 sentences for each describing them
  • Knowledge, Skills and Ability exercise and reflection: minimum 5 sentences in Microsoft Word

Please put these both in a single document.



Grading Rubric

1.  12 Ideas (15 pts)

  • 12 creative ideas drawing upon different information and problems in daily experiences. Demonstrated creativity and complexity. Clearly followed the directions and developed these over a 3 week period. (15-13 pts)
  • 12 different ideas but demonstrated little creativity or complexity and/or didn't follow directions. Not enough evidence that these were developed over a 3 week period.  (12-10 pts)
  • 12 ideas, but ideas were similar to each other and/or there was little creativity or complexity. Did not follow the directions.  No evidence these were developed over a 3 week period.  (9-0 pts)

        Note: Minus 1.5 points for each missing entry.

2. Knowledge, Skills and Ability exercise and reflection (10 pts)

  • Content clearly show that the student reflected on their personal knowledge, skills, and abilities. (10-9 pts)
  • Content show that the student reflected on some of their knowledge, skills, and abilities but reflection seems rushed or incomplete. (8-7 pts)
  • Content shows lack of effort put into reflections. Did not follow the directions. (6-0 pts)

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