ENG 122 -- Paper Proposal Essay

Research Proposal Essay

Assignment: Write a formal, MLA formatted topic proposal in essay format for the final argumentative research paper (semester-long project).

Directions: Your proposal should be in MLA format and should include the following in essay format (several paragraphs rather than a list):

ENG 122 -- Paper Proposal Essay

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1) An introduction to your topic. Briefly explain the topic you plan to research and your view on the topic so far. (Your view may change as you move forward in your research.) Please discuss the proposed rhetorical situation in this section: name your anticipated audience and clarify your overall purpose and context.

2) A review of the research you have done so far and/or an explanation of the knowledge you already have of your chosen topic. Include a discussion of what others are saying or have said about your topic (for both sides of the issue).

3) Your plan. Discuss how you plan to go about your research. Do you have interviews set up? Where will you find the sources you need? (i.e. will you research from a variety of sources? Rely on database information? Books? Academic journals? Etc.)

4) Any foreseen problems you may have to contend with in your research. Do you expect there to be enough research out there on your topic? Do you think you may have to narrow your topic? Broaden your topic? Etc.

5) Working bibliography. List several of the sources you have already read or plan to read on the subject of your research topic, even if you don't think you will ultimately use the sources.

Your proposal should be approximately two pages depending on the amount of research you have done up to this point (some of you may not have researched much yet, and that is something you can also discuss in your proposal essay). I do not expect that most of you will already have formulated a thesis, but if you have a working thesis, please include it in your proposal in the first section. 

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