Education Verses The Big Stick?

On page 630 of "Morals and the Criminal Law," Fuller poses the question: "Should we not rely less on the "big stick" of the law and more on techniques of popular education to the values implicit in the law?"

In a 500 word, respond to the above question posed by Fuller. In your initial post, first think of a current/relevant CJ issue in which the Education vs. The Big Stick question applies. 

Education Verses The Big Stick?

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Then, using that CJ issue, you must address Fuller's question above, supporting your stance and analyzing why you value Education over The Big Stick, or vice versa. 

You will need to support your stance with quotes from three (3) sources. One source will be the Fuller PDF; the second source will be one of the two slideshows (from Weeks #2-3); and the third source will be one of your choice. Please cite your quotes with proper APA in-text formatting.**

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